Kitchen Renovation

Renovations Plus works with you and your kitchen company to complete the renovation projects. We will help you bring your dream new designer kitchen to reality.


Renovations Plus  is dedicated to helping you find the very best and most affordable kitchen renovation materials  and resources.  We are also dedicated to providing you with insider secrets and tips to help you make the best choices for updating, and customizing your brand new kitchen.

Take your time and look around and benefit from our kitchen renovation expertise. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams affordably and without regret!

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovations services include a free consultation, designed floor plan layout, competitive free quotation, then the actual building and installing of equipment, cleaning and rubble removal, and help with selecting specific accessories finishes like sanitary-ware, tiles, taps, and shower doors for your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations products & services:

  • Corporate ablutions & toilet facilities
  • Commercial toilets & bathrooms
  • Industrial ablutions
  • Domestic bathrooms
  • Exclusive bathrooms
  • Custom designed cabinets built and installed

Building Renovation

Renovation Plus is the trusted name when it comes to the renovation of establishments. With the support of experts like carpenters, painters, polishers, electricians, plumbers, architects etc., we have accomplished the renovation of the buildings with maximum efficiency. We have undertaken renovation projects for almost every type of establishment like residential, commercial, industrial etc. Further, as we provide renovation service in the most professional way, the buildings renovated are durable and appealing in look. Our experts renovate the buildings without bringing in much of variation in the structure of the building. We have renovated various complexes, malls, schools, hotels, hospitals, offices etc. of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad that add to our credibility. In addition to this, believing in providing quality services, we have earned the confidence of the clients. The Renovations services are cost effective and requires less time.

In ADELAIDE Whether you're doing a small renovation or building an entire home.....

  • ADELAIDE Renovations
  • Additions
  • Remodelling Homes
  • Indoor outdoor Rooms
  • Render work Residential 
  • Roof dormer windows Renovations
  • Bathroom and Kitchens
  • Windows & Doors


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